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Skip the queues & save your sanity! Register with us to renew your vehicle license disc online. It's easy, convenient, and fast.

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Who is Renewonline?

Ever felt like renewing your vehicle licence disc is as thrilling as watching paint dry? Fear not! We're here to add a dash of excitement to this snooze-fest! Renewonline introduces our easy, convenient and fast service that lets you renew your licence disc privately online or in selected retail stores. Join us on our mission to make the mundane magical. Renew with us, and who knows, you might just start looking forward to it every year... or not. But hey, at least it'll be easy-peasy!

  • Available for vehicles registered Nationwide!

  • Available online or In-store.

  • Term’s & Condition’s apply.

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How to Renew Online

Register on our website to get the renewal process started.

How to Renew

Renew your vehicle licence disc from your user profile by adding your vehicle to your profile from the Renew my Licence tab. Add Your vehicle to your Cart and Check out your renewal.


You may make your payment through our online payment platform or an EFT payment for the amount quoted.


After your payment has been sucessfully received you will be notified of the Process via email. All that's left is to sit back and await the arrival of your renewal.

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